Faculty of Arts Library

Historical background


The library began with the foundation of Gordon Memorial College in 1903, since the teacher training section was the first nucleus. It was the only literary section and specialists in Arabic language were brought from Egypt and other Arab countries.

The teacher training section was moved to Bakht El Rude (El dowiem) in 1924 and remained the administrative section until 1940 when it became school of Arts with its own library.

The library includes many of section libraries, as faculty of Arts is considered to be the biggest faculty in U.K (18 departments and units)


Location :


It lies in center compound, bordered by Chinese language Department and Finance unit from south, Al Nashat Road from the west and from the east side faculty of Law and French language unit. The library is in eastern of the faculty from the west gate.




Faculty of Arts/ University of Khartoum

P.O. Box 321/ Sign post 11115