Medicine compus and Health Sciences Library

Medicine compus and Health Sciences Library


Historical background


The library founded in 1924 in the dome, then moved to its current location in 1973 the library was maintained in May 2007 it consists of tow floors, on the first floor there are electronic library and the librarian office a big reading room and another room for postgraduates are on the second floor, on the ground floor there are the library counter, the library supervisor’s office for periodicals and the secretary office, there are valuable collections in the field of medical sciences on which researchers in medical sciences and pharmacy.

The area of library is about 500 square meters and  the number of users reaches 600 from all faculties of campus. The library seat 256 users, including postgraduates, the library contain all branches of medical sciences.

The library has been a machine readable book catalogue since 2004 with a data base of 4500 English books and 700 Arabic books, the library works in tow shifts closing at 11 p.m.


Librarians in succession

1-      Hassan Abubakr El Halab

2-       Faroq El Yemen

3-      Abubakr Mohamed Ali Bakar

4-       Abdalla Awad

5-      Esama Hassan Osman

6-      Ahmed AlAwad Abd El gader

7-      Bashir Mohamed Ahmed

8-      Fatima Magzoub A.El Wahab

9-      Jamal Mustafa Ali Mustafa


Khartoum Qasr street


University of Khartoum – faculty   of  Medical Health Sciences

P. O . 321. Khartoum- Sudan