Library Staff

In the statute of the University of Khartoum No. 16, the Library Committee is headed by the Rector. In the amended system (11), the Vice Chancellor is the head of the library committee. The committee has representatives from the various colleges, institutes, schools and centers of the university, and members from outside the university. The general policy of library management and the regulations governing the use of the library for professors and university students and any other persons allowed to use the library and the establishment of special controls for the maintenance and maintenance of books and other equipment and distribution of the balance of financial resources determined by the University Council For donations from donations and gifts, and to produce an annual report of the Council of Professors and the University Council.
In the Basic Law No. (7) of 2014, some amendments were made to change the name to the library council and to set goals and purposes for the library as follows:
A - Provide references of all types according to the needs of educational and research programs for different academic study at the university.
B - Collection of manuscripts and intellectual heritage and national printed and archived and published lists.
Training and promotion of technical work in the field of libraries, information and knowledge in various ways.
Coordination, cooperation and exchange with libraries and other information centers internally and externally to achieve library objectives.
The amendments specified the composition of the Library Council as follows:
1 - Vice - Rector as                                                                                                                 President
2 - Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies                                                                              Member
3. The Deputy Librarian is a                                                                                                     member
4. Deputy Secretary of the Electronic Library                                                                             Member
5 - Director of Khartoum University Press and Publishing House                                                  member
6 - Director of printing press                                                                                                     member
7 - Head of the Department of Libraries and Information Faculty of Arts                                        member
8- Director of the Department of Information Technology and Information Network
9. The Chairmen of the University's sub-committees are                                                             members
10. Representatives of libraries of the main library
11- Two persons from outside the university who are related and interested shall be appointed by the Rector at the recommendation of the President of the Library Council
12. Social Affairs Officer in the Student Union
13. The librarian is                                                                                                               member and a rapporteur