من باريس الي ام درمان

فيفيان امينة ياجي حياتها وأعمالها المؤالف د.مكي بشير مصطفي البدري التقديم :د.فدوي عبدالرحمن د.سارة البيلي أ.عبد المنعم الشاذلي كلمة أسرة الراحلة فيفيان د.خالد ياجي تدير الجلسة د.انتصار صغيرون المكان مكتبة الجامعة الزمان :الساعة 12 ظهرا الاحد 11 نوفمبر 2018م

  • To facilitate and support the learning, teaching, research, consultancy & community development programmes at the University, by organising, maintaining and providing high quality access to appropriate literature and information resources in both print and electronic.
  • To offer quality library services and expertise designed actively to promote the effective exploitation of Library literature and information resources.
  • To offer excellent services to off-campus and distance learning users utilizing high quality information and communication technology.
  • To provide an appropriate and comfortable environment, accommodation and facilities for the proper use of Library resources.
  • To engage in national, regional and international efforts of Library cooperation, thereby ensuring its users have access to the broader universe literature and information resources.