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قسم التزويد: يقوم بإجراءات التزويد المختلفة من شراء وإهداء وتبادل وإيداع قانوني للمطبوعات بالمكتبة.

قسم الفهرسة والتصنيف: يقوم بفهرسة وتصنيف الكتب بالمكتبة وإعداد الفهارس.

قسم الدوريات: قسم فني يقوم بتزويد وتسجيل ومتابعة إجراءات الدوريات.

قسم التجليد والترميم: عليه تقع مسئولية تجليد الدوريات والكتب وصيانتها وعمل الأدوات المختلفة التي تحتاج

إليها المكتبة وطباعة بطاقات الفهرس وبطاقات الإعارة والتجليد وبطاقات تسجيل الدوريات

والبطاقات المؤقتة وبطاقات توصيات الكتب التي تحتاج لها المكتبة والتقارير السنوية.

قسم خدمات القراء: يمثل أحد الأقسام الخدميه المهمة بالمكتبة ومن مهامه إستخراج بطاقة المكتبة والرصد الإحصائي لحركة الكتب بالمكتبة وإعداد الاستبيانات لرصد إستخدام المكتبة والإشراف على شرح إستخدام المكتبة للطلاب الجدد والإشراف على قاعة المطالعة وتهيئتها للمستفيدين وتنظيم الإعارة ومساعدة القراء والإشراف على ملازمي المكتبة.

التدريب والدعم الفني: وضعت مكتبة جامعة الخرطوم  برنامج الدورات التدريبية للمساعدة في دعم الموظفين والطلاب والباحثين (اقرأ المزيد)

المكتبة الصوتية: مكتبة خاصة بالطلاب من ذوي الاحتياجات الخاصة (اقرأ المزيد)

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Library of the Professor Tijani Al-Mahi (1911-1970)
Contains 12,000 books, 3000 manuscripts and 1000 maps
He was the first African to specialize in psychiatry
In 1969, the University of Khartoum offered him a chair in psychiatry and he held this post until his death.
The Library of the Professor Mohammed Saleh Al-Shankiti (1886-1968)
Contains 5000 rare books
He graduated from the Faculty of Law of the Islamic Jurisdiction in 1918, and was promoted to judicial positions. He was the President of the House of Representatives in 1957. He was elected first president of the Legislative Assembly in 1948. He worked in many bodies inside and outside the Sudan
The library of Muhammad Abdullah Awad (1920-1995) contains 2497 books
His wife, Suad Abdul-Muqeem, dedicated his library to the university after his death in 1995.
Graduated from the College of Gordon and worked in the field of teaching and included in the ministry until he became an agent of the Ministry of Education
Khalid Adam Al-Khayyat Library (1924-1984) contains 1142 books
He graduated from the scientific institute in Omdurman and worked as a teacher in middle schools.

The Makkai Solomon Akret Library contains 621 books
He was one of the first ministers of the interior of Sudan in 1957.

Mohammed Abdel Jawad Library (1991) contains 2791 books
Political and media. He served as Minister of Transport after the independence of the Sudan in 1956. He chaired the Board of Directors of Al-Dustour Journalism Magazine.

Professor Ali Al-Mak (1992) and contains almost 2000 books
He graduated from the University of Khartoum, Faculty of Arts in 1961 with honors, and received a master's degree from the University of Southern California in 1966. He has a number of literary works in both Arabic and English. He headed the Union of Sudanese Writers in 1986 and was a professor at the Translation and Arabization Unit at the Faculty of Arts, .

Ahmed Mohamed Ali Al-Hakim Library (1996) contains more than 1000 books
He graduated from the University of Khartoum with the highest honors in 1963. He received his master's and doctorate degrees from the University of Cambridge. He held the position of Head of the Department of Archeology at the University of Khartoum. He received his professorship in 1983 from the University of Khartoum. He has many works.

The library of Professor Salah Al-Din Al-Malik contains 1161 books
Received his secondary education at the College of Gordon Memorial and graduated from high schools Arabic language school and received a master's degree from the University of Oxford and Diploma of Education from the University of Oxford and PhD in philosophy (Arabic literature) from the University of Khartoum and a number of textbooks for the primary and secondary levels and participated in the reform of language curricula Arabic in them.
Among his works: - Night in Arabic poetry, pictures of Arabic literature and literary and scientific activity in radio and television

Khader Hamad Library (1910-1970) contains 1730 books
He graduated from the Department of Accountants at the Gordon Memorial College and in 1945 was a founding member of the Literary Society of Abuorov and a member of the 60th Session of the Graduates Conference. He worked in the Ministry of Finance and worked at the League of Arab States in Cairo from 1981-1984. State of the Government of the Sudan, and Minister of Irrigation and Electric Power between 1957-1956.

The library of Gabriel Michel Bitar contains 1276 books
He was interested in books, culture, architecture and economics. He was a member of the Khartoum Municipal Council and was elected as a member of the University of Khartoum Council. He has several studies on the economic potential to accelerate the increase in the cash return of Sudan.
One of his most important works is "Al Manhal" Arabic / French Dictionary. He holds the Order of the French Academy and the National Lebanese Rice Medal.

Prof. Saad Eddin Ismail Fawzy Library (1921-1959)
He graduated from Khartoum University High School in 1942 and received his doctorate in economics from the University of London in 1955. He was a member of the Sudanese Philosophical Society and head of the Union of Sudanese Economists. He was a consultant and expert in the International Labor Office, and was Dean of the Faculty of Economics, University of Khartoum. He has several books, including a poetry book (from Wadi Abqar).

Mubarak Babeker Zarrouk Library (1914-1965) contains 670 volumes
He graduated from the Gordon Memorial School of the Department of Scribes and Accounting and then again studied at the Law School of the College (1938-1935). He was one of the first Sudanese politicians and lawyers. He established the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and during his tenure the Sudan became a member of the Arab League.

The library of Hassan Awad Abu Alaala (1921-1963) contains 210 Arabic books
A lyricist from an aristocratic family, who received a formal education in the Republic of Egypt and entered Victoria College. Before he graduated from college, he was broken in the neck when he hit the pool floor and suffered a total paralysis.

Othman Eissa Shaheen Library
He is a member of the Nubian tribes in northern Sudan studied in the Republic of Egypt and received a degree equivalent to Bacillarius and then traveled to France where he received an MA and PhD philosophy from the Sorbonne University on Islamic philosophy. He was appointed head of the Department of Philosophy at the Faculty of Arts

Dardairi Mohammed Osman Library (1978-1977)
He graduated from Gordon Memorial College, the first Sudanese to serve as a judge, and has played an important role in Sudan's history as a teacher, judge, administrative, political and statesman.

Prof. KAM V. Hettinger, a teacher at the University of Rome
In 1998, his Sudanese wife donated his library, which contains more than 500 volumes in physics

Ahmed Hashim al-Baghdadi, an Iranian merchant who was a resident of Sudan, gave his library and all his wealth to the medical school (the Katschner School of Medicine)

The Boxwell Library, a British businessman, has been appointed as the General Sgt. Of the Government of the Sudan, containing 1,600 volumes of great scientific value,

The library of Mohammed Abdul Rahman, head of the Economics Department at the University of Khartoum, contains 110 volumes

The library of the Russian Ambassador FN Feroton contains 785 volumes

Ezzeddine Al Mahdi Library contains 768 books
The M.F.LAMING MACADAM library contains nearly 1000 books
The Library of Taha Hussein Ahmed Osman Alkad contains 700 books in approximation
Dr.Abbas Ibrahim Mohammed Ali Abulraish Library contains 2028 books
Library of the Ministry of Service and Administrative Reform and contains a thousand books

Some individuals who have donated books and magazines and eye support to his university since 1956
Dr. Adam Mahmoud Moussa / Dr. Ahmed Abdullah Hamid / Dr. Ali Ismail Madani / Dr. Beshra Mohammed Abdullah / Dr. Mahdi Amin Al-Tom / d. N / B - Nemiri / d / m - Abaizid / Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Hadairy / Dr. Awad Al-Sharif Qassem / Dr. Rafat Helmi / db-S Sulaiman / Dr. Saeed Ali Zaki / Dr. Ashraf Mustafa Karrar / d .Sed Ahmed Al-Jack / Dr. Said Al-Shami Ibrahim / Dr. N - Finka Traman Dr. Yusuf Fadl / Dr. Yusuf Qamar / Dr. Zaki Mostafa Abdulmajid / Dr. Abdul Mohsen Hassan Club / Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Tayeb Abdulhafiz / D. Ahmed Badawi Adlan / Dr. Amir Mohammed Saleh Mukhtar / D.Konson / Mr. Bashir Mohamed / Dr. Salem Mohamed Seddik Dr. Youssef Fadi / D. Mohamed Nabih Hijab / Professor Abdullah Tayeb / Professor M - A - Noor / Professor M. - Sulaiman Al-Proo Visser Dawood Mustafa / Professor Dafallah Abdullah Al-Turabi / Prof Dr. Ahmed Abdel-Rahman Al-Nasri, Mr. Yousef Abdel Rahman, Prof. Mostafa Khojaly, Mr. Youssef Babeker, Mr. Ahmed Soliman, Mr. Ahmed Yassin Nabri, Mr. Kassem Osman Nour, Ms. Asma Ibrahim El-Imam, Ms. Zainab Al-Fateh Al-Badawi / Mr. Mohammed Hashim Awad / Mr. Osman Awad Osman / Mr. Brown Wood / Mr. Cantolmeister / Mr. Parker / Mister Maniac / Mr. Farid Atbany / Dr. Ahmed Abbas Al-Sherbini
* It is worth mentioning that the library allocated a place for some libraries dedicated, and merged the rest of the libraries in the main library and sub-libraries according to the classification plan followed by their specialties

يكون للمكتبة أميناً يعينه رئيس المجلس الجامعي بتوصية من مدير الجامعة لمدة اربع سنوات قابلة للتجديد .

يكون لأمين المكتبة الإختصاصات الآتية 

1- يكون مسؤلاً لدى مدير الجامعة ومجلس المكتبة عن إدارة المكتبة والمحافظة عليها.

2- يكون مسؤلاً عن تنفيذ السياسات والخطط التي قدمها مجلس المكتبة .

3- وضع تقديرات الموازنة السنوية للمكتبة وعرضها على مجلس المكتبة .

4- إعداد التقرير السنوي للمكتبة ورفعه لمجلس المكتبة .

5- أى مهام أخرى يكلف بها من قبل المدير أو مجلس المكتبة.

نائب أمين المكتبة :

يكون للمكتبة نائب للأمين يعينه مدير الجامعة بعد التشاور مع أمين المكتبة لمدة ثلاث سنوات يجوز إعادة تعيينه لفترة أخرى.

اختصاصات نائب أمين المكتبة :

يكون مسؤولاً لدى أمين المكتبة عن الآتي :

1- ينوب عن أمين المكتبة في حالة غيابة

2- يساعد الأمين في إدارة المكتبة وفروعها

3- أي مهام اخرى يكلها اليه أمين المكتبة

نائب الأمين للمكتبة الإلكترونية :

يكون للمكتبة الإلكترونية نائب للأمين يعينه المدير بعد التشاور مع  أمين المكتبة لمدة ثلاث سنوات ويجوز إعادة تعيينه لفتره أخرى .

اختصاصات نائب الأمين للمكتبة الإلكترونية :

يكون نائب الأمين للمكتبة الإلكترونية مسؤولاً لدى أمين المكتبة عن الآتي :

أ- إدارة المكتبة الإلكترونية بما يحقق اهدافها وأغراضها

ب- يقوم بأي اعباء يكلها اليه أمين المكتبة

اللجان الفرعية للمكتبة :

1- تكون مجالس المجامع بالتشاور مع أمين المكتبة لجاناً فرعية لمكتبة المجمع

2- تقوم اللجان الفرعية على تأهيل وتطوير مكتبة المجمع أو الكلية وتقوم بإختيار المقتنيات والإشراف الإداري على العاملين بالمكتبة .




Joliffe ,Michael

B.A (Arts) London, F.L.A

1948 - 1961


Professor - Abdel  Rahman El -nasri  Hamza

Dip. Arts(Khartoum)M.A(Cambridge)Dip. Librarianship(London)

1961 - 1986


Abu Bakr Elsiddig Osman

B.A(Khartoum),Dip. Librarianship(London)

1986 - 1992


Professor - Abd el Malik Mohamed Abd el Rahman

B.SC(physic)Newcastle ,PhD(APP. Mathematics),Liverpool

1992 - 1994


Professor - Mohamed Nuri Al – Amin

B.SC.(Khartoum),M.A. University College of

Swansea University of Wales..PhD,.University of oxford

1994 - 1998


Dr - Alheber Yousif Nour Aldaym 

B.A.(Khartoum),PhD.(Commentary Quran)Edinburgh

1998 - 2000


Dr - Altayib Hag Atya

L . L . B(Law) Khartoum, Spiegel Diploma Moscow University , P . G Diploma Syracuse, USA, P . G Diploma London University ,  PhD Sorbonne, Paris .

2000 - 2004


Professor- Muna  Mahjoub  Mohamed Ahmed

B.SC.( Khartoum) , M.sc( Khartoum) , PhD ( Animal Production) Khartoum

2004 2006


Dr-  Hassan  Abdulla  Almangori

B.A( Khartoum University)  - M.SC, ( Free Berlin  University ).

PhD,(Social Economic Geography) Free Berlin University

2006 - 2009


Dr - Abbas Yousif El tigani

B.sc.( Khartoum University ) , M.sc.( University of California) , PhD(Food Engineering) , (Michigan State University) .

2009 -2011

Agri. Engineering

Professor -  Ahmed Hassan Fahal

MBBS. ,MS, MD. (Khartoum Distinction), FRESI . (Dublin -Ireland), FRCP, FRCS, FRCS . (London, UK), FRCS (G). (Glasgow ,UK).

2011 - 2017


Professor - Hassan El haj Ali

LLB U of Khartoum , M. A. U of Missouri PhD U of North Texas (political science)










   B.A (Arts) London, F.L.A   



بروفسير/ عبد الرحمن النصري حمزة

Dip. Arts(Khartoum)M.A(Cambridge)Dip. Librarianship(London)



أبوبكر الصديق عثمان

B.A(Khartoum),Dip. Librarianship(London)



بروفسير/ عبدالملك محمد عبدالرحمن

B.SC(physic)Newcastle ,PhD(APP. Mathematics),Liverpool

علوم سياسية


بروفيسر/ محمد نوري الأمين

B.SC.(Khartoum),M.A. University College of

Swansea University of Wales..PhD,.University of oxford



دكتور/ الحبر يوسف نور الدائم

B.A.(Khartoum),PhD.(Commentary Quran)Edinburgh



دكتور/الطيب حاج عطية

L .L . B(Law) Khartoum, Spiegel Diploma Moscow University , P . G Diploma Syracuse, USA, P . G Diploma London University ,  PH.D Sorbonne, Paris

إنتاج حيوني


بروفيسر/  منى محجوب محمد أحمد

B.SC.( Khartoum) , M.sc( Khartoum) , PH.D ( Animal Production) Khartoum


2006- 2009

دكتور / حسن عبدالله المنقوري 

B.A( Khartoum University)  - M.SC, ( Free Berlin  University ).

PhD,(Social Economic Geography) Free Berlin University 



دكتور / عباس يوسف  التجاني  

B.sc.( Khartoum University ) , M.sc.( University of California) , PH.D(Food Engineering) , (Michigan State University)



بروفسير/ أحمد حسن فحل

MBBS. ,MS, MD. (Khartoum Distinction), FRESI . (Dublin -Ireland), FRCP, FRCS, FRCS . (London, UK), FRCS (G). (Glasgow ,UK).



بروفسير حسن الحاج علي

LLB U of Khartoum , M. A. U of Missouri PhD U of North Texas (political science)