Historical background


The library was founded under the name of school of health, in 1933. Its objective was to educate and train cadres to work in the field of general health and environmental health in Sudan, under the sponsonorship of the Royal British Association. The faculty was joined to university of Khartoum in 1991 and lately was joined to the main library of Khartoum University as it lacked the standards required it was a room, Inside the faculty building, With an area of  90 square meters and  a librarian office near to it.

In September 2009, the library moved to a new hall- north the faculty buildings according to the standards required by the integration committee. The library now lies in an area of 216 square meters, with an electronic library and a reading room for 148 students, there is also a counter. The library collections are estimated by 5000 books and a few periodicals, as a result of subscription problems, the library also contains a number masters and PHD. Theses.



  Khartoum East- east customs supply authority- Al Saied A. Rahman and Al Imam Al Mahdi crossing- ground floor.




University of Khartoum – faculty  of general and Environmental health

P. O . 205. Khartoum- Sudan