Historical background

When Gordon Memorial College became centre for university tudies in 1945, 3000 books were collected from schools to start university library. shortly, after that Mr. Doglas New Bold , the administrative secretary for Sudan government gifted his own library to the government . most of the books were about Sudan and Africa . after his death, the library with its  Collection of 15000 books was gifted to the Main Library. therefore, Doglas Newbold, Sir Douglas (1894-1945), civil secretary, Sudan Government: educated at Oxford University, he entered the Sudan political service in 1920 after four years’ active service in the first world War, of which he spent three years in the years in the Near East , in 1923 he carried out his first  desert exploration, from  northern Kordofan  to Bir  Nat run , in 1927, with  W. B. K.  Shaw,  he continued  the exploration from  Bir  Nat run   northward to the oases of Nukhaila  and  Salima in a vain search for the fabled oasis of Zarzura, reaching  the Nile at Wadi Halfa, his third journey was undertaken as a member of expedition led by Major (afterwards Brigadier )  R. A. Bagnold  in 1929-30  from Bahriya oasis to Jabal Uwainat  and  on to Wadi Halfa, appointed governor of Cordovan in 1933 and civil secretary in 1939, he died in Khartoum his contributions to the geography of the  Libyan desert were published in Sudan notes and  Records (Khartoum), vii. 1924, xi, 1928 (jointly with W. B. K. Shaw) and in  the geographical journal, ixxviii, 1931

M r. Golf, the English specialist and expert in library anagement was appointed librarian in 1947, and he developed the library collections during the 18 years which he spent in office.

Dr. Saad Fawzi's widow had also gifted her husband's library in 1960 with its collection of 17500 volumes, which increased by 6000 volumes every year. In 1965 Dr Abdel Rahman El-Nasry was appointed as a first librarian for the University of Khartoum Library till 1986 when he was retired.


The library buildings lie in Centre Compound (former Gordon College buildings)


Main Library- University of Khartoum – Khartoum P.O. Box 321 – Zip code 11115