Audio Library


The audio library includes the following groups:
Cassette tapes: 150 containing audio books and academic lectures
Books in Braille: 22
Laser discs: 60 and contain academic lectures
Periodicals: 2

Services provided by the library
- Internal reading (reading Braille books + listening to audio books)
- Reading by optical magnifier
- Copying tapes and discs
- Copy audio books from the electronic library
- Copy the picture books from the electronic library
- Registration of lectures in all disciplines
- Reading from the paper references at the time of sight.
- Helping users to browse the Internet.
- Training of blind students on the program of Optsar and NVDA
- Teaching blind students Braille language
- Reading paper books with OCR technology and audio reader.

The western gallery of the main library, opposite the Taji Al-Mahi library.

Librarian: The secret is good
Assistant Secretary: Tariq Hassan Abdullah
Attendant of the Evening Rosary: ​​Mudawi Mohammed Ahmed


University of Khartoum - Main Library
P. O. 205. Khartoum Sudan