Library of Medicine and Health Sciences

Historical background
The creation of this library dates back to 29 February 1924. The same year it opened
Kitschner Medical School in memory of his memory under the management of the Medical Department and the Library is within the first nucleus
For the group of high schools, and estimated the number of holdings in that period about (355) titles,
The first nucleus also became the Library of the Faculty of Medicine later, and later expanded its holdings
After he gave Ahmed Hashim al-Baghdadi. His library and stopped all his wealth to the Faculty of Medicine

And then moved to its current location in 1973, on the first floor there is an electronic library, the office of the librarian, a large reading room and another room for postgraduate students
On the second floor there is an observer's office and a periodical library. There are valuable collections in the medical and pharmaceutical sciences.
The library has a total area of ​​500 square meters and the number of users reaches 600 from all faculties of the university, including postgraduate students. The library contains all branches of medical sciences.
The library has an index for me since 2004 with a database of 4,500 books in English and 700 books in Arabic
The library operates two hours from 7 am and closes at 10 pm
Former Office Secretaries
1 - Hassan Abu Bakr El Halab
2- Farouk El-Yemen
3 - Abu Bakr Mohammed Ali Bakr
4 - Abdullah Awad
5 - Names of Hassan Osman
6 - Ahmed Al Awad Abdul Qader
7 - Bashir Mohammed Ahmed
Fatima Majzoub Abdel Wahab
9. Jamal Mostafa Ali Mustafa
Library site
Khartoum - Al-Qasr Street (Google Map)
University of Khartoum - Faculty of Medical Health Sciences
Postal Code 321. Khartoum Sudan