The Sudan Library

The Library of Sudan is one of the departments of the University of Khartoum Library and serves as the national library before the promulgation of the National Library Act in 1999. In addition to its role as an academic library, the library contains a collection of publications on the Sudan from books, periodicals, The publication of the Law of Deposit of Works in 1966, the library has become a repository for all publications published in Sudan and Sudanese works published abroad. The library also provides all Sudanese studies published by foreigners outside the Sudan. The core of this library is a collection of books and official reports given by the Administrative Secretary of the Government of Sudan in 1947 The composition of this collection includes the books of travelers who visited Sudan in the late 12th and early 19th centuries. Those who participated in the battles of the Mahdist Revolution also wrote complete collections of reports Issued by government departments since the beginning of the bilateral government, most notably the Gazeta Group (official newspaper), the Government of Sudan, the budget and the reports of the Governor-General, which he presented to the two states of the bilateral government and the Sudan, and the Sudan magazine in Sudan letters and blogs. National bibliography and index supplements represent the ongoing national bibliography.

Buildings of the Library of Sudan:
It occupied a small space on the second floor of the main library building (Gordon College Memorial Building) and in 1995 moved to its current building (formerly the Higher Business School and then a boarding school for students of the center complex)
The building contains the lower northern part, with the bookcase, letters and auditorium, containing the digitization section
There is the lower south part and there are three sections: the supply department and the cataloging and binding section
Al-Alawi has administrative offices and computer lounges for training, including the office of the Deputy Dean of Libraries Dr. Afaf Mustafa Hamed Kroum.

The Role of the Library in Education and Scientific Research:
In cooperation with the Institute of Additional Studies, the library is preparing an initial course in library studies to train local and international libraries. The library staff will also train qualified library staff.
In 1970-1969, an advanced course was added in the libraries for those who completed the first course, and the Institute of Additional Studies granted the successful students in this course a certificate in library science. These courses were practical and helped develop the library service in Sudan. It is decided that the student should be a full-time student and appointed as a teacher to supervise the curricula offered at the Institute after training abroad.
The success of these courses led to the thought of providing a high diploma in libraries. The expert recommended in the report of the Government of Sudan that the courses offered at the Institute of Additional Studies will be the nucleus of a school library for the training of libraries in Sudan. , As well as practical training for all workers in the field of university libraries in Sudan.
Library location
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