Department of Development and Innovation

Supply Department: Provides various procurement procedures from purchase, donation, exchange and legal deposit of library publications.
The cataloging and classification section: indexing and cataloging books in the library and preparing indexes.
Periodicals Section: A technical department that provides, registers and follows up the patrol procedures.
Department of Binding and Restoration: It is the responsibility of binding and maintenance of journals and books and the work of various tools that need
The library, printing index cards, loan cards, binding and period registration cards
Temporary cards and card recommendations for books that the library needs and annual reports.
Readers' Services Department: One of the library's important service departments is to extract library card and statistical monitoring of library traffic, prepare questionnaires to monitor library use, supervise library usage of new students, supervise reading room, prepare for beneficiaries, organize lending, help readers and supervise library librarians.
Training and Technical Support: The University of Khartoum Library has developed a training program to help support staff, students and researchers (read more)
Audio Library: Library for students with special needs (read more)